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Hydraulics equipment for heavy duty vehicles

At Service 1, we know heavy duty hydraulics inside out. Whether you own a single truck or an entire fleet, we work with you to ensure your hydraulics systems and equipment are reliable. Contact us today to learn more about the products and maintenance services we offer.

Hydraulic - Making Hydraulic Hoses

Making Hydraulic Hoses

We can custom build hydraulic hoses for all your heavy duty vehicle needs. Using high quality materials and methods of construction, we’ve helped countless customers upgrade their hydraulic systems to their dream specifications with our custom hydraulic hoses.

Whether we’re creating one hose, or a large number of hoses, our team of expert professionals carefully craft hydraulic hoses to ensure maximum reliability and performance for your entire hydraulic system. If you know you want a custom hose, but might be unsure of certain specifications you may need, leave it to us! So long as we know your vehicle’s requirements and potential variables, we can determine what steps need to be taken in order to create a hydraulic hose that’s best suited to your needs.

You’ll feel better knowing not only that your vehicle contains a custom piece, but also that it was created by the Service 1 team, who made sure to provide only the highest quality end product.

We want to talk to you about your custom hydraulic hoses. Contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for, and we can come up with a custom solution together that will keep your systems running as they should.

Hydraulic - Adapters


Your hoses need to fit properly in your hydraulic systems, otherwise, there’s a lot of potential safety and efficiency risks at play. Heavy duty hydraulics systems require heavy duty parts, and that’s where our heavy duty hydraulic adapters come into the picture.

Our adapters ensure that your hoses fit just right in your hydraulics system. This ensures no leakage and proper transferring of fluids and gasses. We supply only the highest quality hydraulic adapters to ensure your equipment is efficient and safe.

If you’re looking for custom sizing, we can help with that. We want to hear from you and find out your vehicle’s requirements. Our clients trust us to make high quality adapters that match the specifications of their hoses and their vehicle’s hydraulic systems. Let us create a high quality hydraulic adapter for you.

If you’re unsure what type of adapters you may need, get in touch with us. When we know what types of hoses you’re working with, and what your hydraulic system is like, we can make recommendations that will ensure high quality, functioning systems. Whether you need a custom piece, or can utilize one of our in stock products, we have exactly what you need.

Hydraulic - Adapters

A/C Lines

Keep the fluids and gasses of your heavy duty vehicle’s air conditioning system running smoothly with the right A/C lines.

These lines provide more than just comfort to a driver. They’re a huge part of what makes an entire A/C system work within your vehicle. When you notice that your A/C system isn’t functioning as it should be, it may be the result of a faulty A/C line. We carry a variety of heavy duty A/C lines, and can help you find the right product for your vehicle.

As a one stop shop, we also repair and replace A/C lines. We understand the importance of a working A/C system in all aspects, especially for a heavy duty vehicle. Our team can take care of all steps of the process, not just the product sourcing. A/C system maintenance can become complex as there are multiple components involved. Service 1 takes care of it so you don’t have to.

If you have questions about the A/C lines we carry, or questions about general A/C system maintenance, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your vehicle’s needs and potential solutions for keeping your A/C systems running in top shape.

Hydraulic - Stainless Steel Braided Lines

Stainless Steel Braided Lines

Stainless steel braided lines are an effective and beneficial type of hose. Not only do they provide a longer lifespan, they’re also able to withstand more fluids, as well as provide a smoother flow. All of this means vehicles that run more efficiently overall.

Our stainless steel braided hoses are made from high quality materials that are trusted by countless clients. Pressure tested to ensure durability, stainless steel braided lines are incredibly reliable when it comes to keeping hydraulic systems functioning. Don’t get caught with unreliable, leaky, and easily breakable hoses. Your machines deserve an upgrade today.

All hoses need to be replaced eventually, but stainless steel braided lines hold up in ways that are superior than the average hose. Not only can they be more reliable, but they can even be safer as well. Consider stainless steel braided lines for your next hydraulics hose replacement.

If you still have questions about this type of line, we’d be happy to answer your questions. Our team of experts can discuss why stainless steel braided lines are beneficial for your vehicles, and can speak to your vehicles’ specific requirements. Ask us about our custom lines and what we can create for your vehicle.

Wire Hoses


2 Wire Hoses

When dealing with low to medium pressure hydraulic fluids, we have you covered with our selection of high quality 2 wire hoses.

If you need a custom piece, or one of our many in stock products, our 2 wire hoses are high quality, and trusted by countless clients. Your heavy duty vehicle needs the right hoses when dealing with different types of fluids, and our 2 wire hoses are perfect for when you’re dealing with low to medium pressure fluids.

Different heavy duty hydraulic systems require different types of wires, and 2 wires can often be enough to withstand certain types of fluids. If you know that you’re dealing with lower or medium pressure fluids, a 2 wire hose is suited to your needs.

If you’re unsure about the types of fluids your vehicle uses, or what types of wires would best suit it, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you determine the best possible ways to maintain your hydraulic system’s fluids and wires.

If you know what you’re looking for and are interested in custom pieces, reach out and we can discuss creating a custom wire that best suits your vehicle’s needs.

4-wire hydraulic hose

4 Wire Hoses

Higher pressure fluids need hoses with more wires. Our high quality 4 wire hoses are exactly what you need.

Whether you buy one of our in stock 4 wire hoses, or order a custom hose, these high quality hoses can handle the high pressure fluids that pass through your vehicle’s heavy duty hydraulic system every day.

These 4 wire hoses are designed to stay strong, flexible, and reliable when dealing with higher pressure fluids. When dealing with fluids, especially those of higher pressure, it is important that you know which type of wire is the most appropriate to use. You’ll want to ensure that you’re using high quality 4 wire hoses like ours.

If you’re unsure about which wire hose type is right for your vehicle’s hydraulic system, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you make the right decision for the heavy duty vehicles you use every day. Trust the experts to point you in the right direction instead of guessing.

If you’re looking for a custom 4 wire hose, we can create that too. Get in touch today to discuss your vehicle’s needs, and together we will determine the best custom solution for your vehicle’s hydraulic system.

6-wire hydraulic hose

6 Wire Hoses

For extra strength when dealing with some of the highest pressure fluids, a 6 wire hose will keep things running as they should.

We offer both pre-made 6 wire hoses, and custom pieces. These high quality hoses are built to withstand some of the strongest pressure fluids and temperatures that run through your vehicle’s hydraulic system.

When you need maximum strength, don’t settle for less. A 6 wire hose is exactly what your heavy duty vehicle needs to ensure that all fluids are passing through smoothly. Investing in 6 wire hoses will ensure a longer lifespan for your vehicle’s hydraulic system in comparison to a 4 wire or 2 wire hose.

If you’re seeking a custom 6 wire hose, we want to hear from you. Contact us today with your vehicle’s heavy duty hydraulic needs, and we’ll be happy to discuss effective solutions tailored to your vehicle.

We’re also here to answer any questions you may have about hoses, whether in terms of what’s in stock, how we make them, or if you’d simply like to learn more about how they work and which is best suited to different applications. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with any questions, we’d be happy to chat with you.

Special Requests

Do you need equipment that’s not listed on this page? Contact us today and talk to us about how we can help you. We’d like to determine the best solution for you, and track down the right product for your machine. 

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